Friday, March 3, 2017

Hand Lettering #1: Magnet, Block Letters Style

Happy Friday!!! :o)

Today I'm sharing with you my hand lettering progress and two finished projects that I made for my personal challenge, Celebrating 30 Days of Pisces 2017. This is my second post today. If you missed the first one, just scroll down or follow a direct link here.

I love magnets and I collect them, so I decided to make bunch of them during the challenge. Here is the first one. I quoted Patrick Rothfuss. Very motivational, don't you think. :o)

How I made the magnet...

I cut a 3" x 3" base from a Canson XL Mixed Media Paper.

I hand lettered quotation in block letter handwriting style and drew line frame. I used dip pen nib and black drawing ink. I left it dry for a day, because the ink I used is drying slowly and I didn't want to speed up process with Heat It Tool.

For coloring, I decided to go with ink smooshing and splattering techniques. I pressed Distress Inks Mustard Seed on an acrylic block, mixed it with water and pressed the hand lettered sample directly on it. I dried it with Heat It Tool and repeated the process until I was satisfied with the color. Then I mixed Distress Ink Fossilized Amber with water, added splotches here and there, splattered the sample and dried it.

A friend gave me bunch of magnet sheets last year to make my own magnets. What an awesome gift for a magnet collector!! :o) I cut a magnet square, a bit smaller than the colored sample and glued them together with universal UHU glue, my favorite and most used glue.

Lastly, I pressed the magnet with a 32 cm x 32 cm, 1 cm thick glass plate and left it pressed for an hour. When I glue together two different surfaces, like in this case, paper and magnet, I always press my projects. I even do it to my cards, especially after watercolor, because they always curve a bit.

The glass plate is my working surface. I make most of my projects on it. My father cut it for me couple years ago. It's so handy and super easy to clean. It's heavy enough to use it as a press. Love it! And love glass!! :o) So many love in this post. :o)

Dimensions: 77 mm x 77 mm (3" x 3")
List of supplies:
  • Canson XL Mixed Media Paper, 300 g
  • TOZ Leonhardy black drawing ink
  • dip pen nib (mounted on a paint brush)
  • Tim Holtz's Distress Inks
    • Mustard Seed
    • Fossilized Amber
  • magnet sheet
  • UHU universal glue
  • acrylic block 
  • Fiskars High Precision Personal Paper Trimmer
  • bone folder
  • scissors
  • Ranger Heat It Tool
  • 32 cm x 32 cm x 1 cm glass plate
  • Marabu fine rounded paint brush no. #0
  • water

Thank you for stopping by and your kind feedback. Stop by later this evening, I'll be sharing one more finished hand lettered project with you. Enjoy and smile! :o)



  1. Amazing magnet Milka, really striking! Love your handlettering, you really are going to be a Master :D Beautiful inking and thanks for sharing the tip on pressing cardstock and magnet sheet togheter :)
    Hugs, have a great weekend!

    1. :o) Thank you so much, Alice. Your words are very encouraging. :o) xx


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